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Product Warranty & Guarantee

Xshop has given importance to your Purchase Protection and after sales services for the Products sold through Each seller is responsible for maintaining Product Warranty / Guarantee at the time adding each product.

Delivery of Wrong Product

Respective sellers are completely responsible for delivering the right product to each order they receive. Incase of delivering the wrong item you are eligible to receive the right Product within the specific time Period mentioned by the Seller.

Quality of Product

You have the complete right to claim for the right Quality Product, which is published by each seller. Sellers are completely responsible to provide the right quality products as mentioned as per the Product description. You have the complete right to reject or accept the order at the time of delivery but with delivery charges. Incase with after delivery you are eligible to return on or before the Return Period mentioned by the specific seller nor your return request will be considered as void.

Guarantee or Warranty

Users have the complete right to know the Guarantee / Warranty Period for each product they are browsing. You have the right to ask for Guarantee / Warranty Documents from the seller mentioning the product unique number with guarantee / warranty period.

Damages and Defects

As a consumer you are entitled to claim compensation for any damage or defects in the products you have ordered.

Accordingly, the seller is obligated to refund the value of the product or replace or repair it without charge if:

  • The damage is caused from the seller end or
  • A defect is discovered in the product, or
  • The product does not meet standard specifications for its purpose. only serves as the platform to Buy, Sell or trade the products. Hence it does not hold responsible for any complaints regarding the damages and defects. However you can raise your complaints to we shall forward it to the corresponding sellers to support your claim.

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