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How Xshop Works with Seller,

Xshop is working as an intermediary Platform between sellers and Buyers, to connect them to each other. We never sell any products directly - and we are never responsible for any presale or after sale content. Xshop is 100% managed by Local Stores, Manufactures, Retailers and others so any contents, loss, damage, delay delivery are completely responsible by respective sellers.

You acknowledge and agree that by registering for or using the Seller Portal and/or Marketplace Program, you, as a Seller, expressly agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions, as may be updated and amended by Xshop Marketplace from time to time at its sole discretion (“Agreement”). Any amendments to this Agreement shall become effective and binding on the Seller as soon as the amendments have been published to the Seller Portal and/or the Xshop Site (as applicable). This Agreement contains the terms and conditions that govern the Seller’s access to, and use of, the Marketplace Program and is an agreement between the Seller and Xshop Marketplace.


“Seller” means third party vendors, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and any other incorporated company wanting to sell approved product through the site, and who have registered on the Seller Portal and have agreed to the terms of this Agreement;

1. Governing or Applicable Law

2. Privacy policy

3. Confidential Information

4. How to use

5. Seller Identity

6. Seller Payment Terms

7. Content Adding Terms

8. Offers & Promotion Terms

9. Prohibited Uses of Marketplace

10. Copyright Infringement

11. License for Content.

12. Fees We Collect

13. Advertisement on xshop

14. Order Management

15. Delivery Terms

16. Customer Payments and Billing

17. Customer Contact

18. Cancelation return & refund policies

19. Warranty & Guarantee


21. Complaints & suggestion centre

22. Dispute Resolution

23. State Your Position as a Third Party

24. Termination

I. Governing or Applicable Law

Sellers Must be a registered seller, authorised to do business in the State of Qatar for listed Products with - and they must follow all rules and regulations set by Ministry of Trade and Commerce/ MoTC / ICT or equivalent government authorities to sell the listed product. .

A. Seller Must have registered under MOTC Qatar, with a valid CR.
B. Sellers must have specific activity to sell listed Products.
C. Sellers must not sell or Publish any Products which are Prohibited by the Ministry of Qatar.
D. In any Case, breach of above happens the complete responsibility goes to the respective seller and Xshop shall not have any responsibility for the same.

II. Privacy policy

A. By creating Xshop seller account sellers are agreed to follow Xshop privacy policy to protect customer personal information and order information.
B. Sellers must follow Xshop privacy policy.
C. Seller Must not share any Kind of user data like User Contact, User email to any third party for any purpose.

III. Confidential Information

A. Xshop sellers must keep confidentiality on Xshop credentials, backend information, seller App screenshots etc.

IV. Seller Identity

A. Sellers must have a MoTC registered physical shop in which country they sell with Xshop.
B. Sellers must use the same name of the physical store as Xshop identity.
C. Sellers are not allowed to change the Store name without prior information to Xshop.

V. Usage of Seller portal & Seller Mobile App

A. Sellers are allowed to Put their Contact number, Social Media Links with Xshop to connect with their Customers and New Enquiries.
B. Sellers Should not Add / Sell any Contents ( in form of Image or Text ) to Xshop Seller Portal which is Prohibited by the Ministry of Qatar.
C. Sellers must follow the rules and regulations on Product Pricing regulated by the ministry of Qatar Law.
D. Sellers are able to manage Xshop Orders via the Seller Portal (seller App ) . The Seller Portal requires sellers to update the Order status for the duration of the Order and delivery process.
E. Xshop will not be responsible for any delay in communication from Seller, Delay in Delivery, Unavailability of Products Published by the Seller.
F. Xshop has the Complete right to Deactivate any Seller Account without any Prior notice in case breaking of any terms and Conditions agreed.

VI. Product Information & Content Adding

A. Seller will use the Seller Portal to list all the required Content, Pricing and other details.
B. Sellers are purely not allowed to sell any duplicate products or copy products of Various brands.
C. Sellers must follow country rules and regulations while Adding the product image and Content.
D. Xshop never attempts to edit / delete Product Name, Price , image without a written permission from Seller.
E. The Seller will be held solely responsible for the accuracy of its Pricing, available Inventory and all Content for Products and will be obliged to honour any order placed by a Customer through the site or App.
F. If Seller is restricted from selling certain Products on the Site due to supplier brand restrictions or if Seller is not an authorized reseller for any Product, Seller should remove those Products from Marketplace.
G. Sellers will comply with, and ensure that all Products comply with, all product safety, testing and certification requirements applicable under Law of Qatar, and all other Law.
H. Xshop should not have any responsibility for any contents uploaded and the respective seller should be responsible for the mistakes.

VII. Offers & Promotion Terms

A. Seller has the facility to Add offers to the Xshop App, which is 100% managed by sellers not by Xshop.
B. Sellers just take respective approvals for publishing the offers as per Qatar Law.
C. Xshop doesn't have any liability or responsibility over Offers & Promotions added by the sellers.

VIII. Order Management

A. Once Marketplace generate an Order to Seller, Seller will start process the order, at its own expense, be solely responsible for, and bear all liability for, processing and updating all relevant statuses on the Seller Portal, including the accurate picking and packing of all applicable orders, including without limitation, any ad hoc customer service requests from Marketplace.
B. Seller has the option to change the orders status on each stage of the Order from the Enquiry to delivery.

IX. Package & Delivery Terms

A. An Order is deemed complete only once:
B. All packaging material needs to comply with the minimum packaging standards as set out in the Seller Portal. Under no circumstances should packaged Orders contain any Seller marketing or other materials that are not included as standard with regard to the specific Product being sold.
C. The Product has been delivered with a proof of delivery signed by the customer;
D. Sellers can make use of Our Xshop registered delivery partners for executing the delivery of the Xshop orders.

X. Customer Payments and Billing

A. Sellers are able to collect the payment directly from the Customer after delivery.
A. Seller must produce the original receipt equal to the payment received.
B. Xshop should not charge any sales commission or any other charges from seller sales revenue.
C. In case the delivery is done with support of Xshop delivery, sellers are able to payout within 24 hours if delivery nor raise a complaint to Xshop seller support through seller App.

XI. Customer Contact

A. Sellers are able to access the Customer Contact number to execute the delivery and order process.
B. Sellers should not use the user data to make any Promotional Calls or marketing SMS to Xshop Customers nor to share the user data with third parties for marketing purposes.

XII. Order Cancelation return & refund policies

A. The returns and/or cancellation period stipulated while publishing a product on
B. The Seller shall bear the full risk in and to any valid cancellation of an Order by a Customer, and expressly acknowledges that Customers may have additional rights against the Seller as a result of the terms and conditions contained on the Site (if any). Fulfillment of Orders.
C. Return & Refund policies are subject to each seller terms mentioned as per the product description.

XIII. Warranty & Guarantee

D. The Warranty & Guarantee period stipulated while publishing a product on
E. The Seller shall bear the full risk in and to any valid Warranty & Guarantee of a Productdelivered, and expressly acknowledges that Customers may have additional rights against the Seller as a result of the terms and conditions contained on the Site (if any). Fulfillment of Orders.
F. Warranty & Guarantee are subject to each seller terms mentioned as per the product description.

XIV. Fees, Commission & Subscription Charges

A. As a temporary support to the suppliers within the country which comes under Low or Medium scale business are avoided from the Fees, Commission & Subscription Charges from until a further notice.
B. If any changes on the Fees, Commission & Subscription Charges will be informed to the seller prior to implementing the same.

XV. Prohibited Uses of Marketplace

A. Xshop has the right to Deactivate any Seller account Which doesn’t follow Xshop terms and Conditions and Law of Ministry of Qatar.

XVI. Copyright Infringement

A. Sellers are not allowed to add any Copy protected contents Published by other Parties.
B. Sellers must not use any virtual Identity of Xshop properties for marketing or advertise their products, without Prior notice in writing from Xshop.

XVII. License for Content.

A. Seller hereby grants Marketplace, its Aliates, and marketing partners, a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable right and license to publish, use, reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, modify, create derivative works of and otherwise commercially exploit all Content (excluding the Seller Marks) in connection with the sale of products through the Site and for the listing, advertising, marketing and promotion of such products or the Marketplace Program, including without limitation, through the Site, third party websites, e-mail, social media or any other medium. Seller agrees that Marketplace may permit users of the Site to share and post Content on their own social media outlets. License for Marks.

B. Seller hereby grants Marketplace and its Aliates and marketing partners a non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-transferable license to publish, use, reproduce, distribute, transmit and display Seller’s Marks during the term in connection with the Program.

XVIII. Advertisement on Xshop

A. Sellers are able to add commercial ads on Xshop,
B. Charges will be applicable for advertisements based on the Ads.
C. Xshop has the complete right to Accept or Reject ads based on the content of the Ads.

XIX. Product Authenticity & Safety

A. Sellers must comply with, and ensure that all Products comply with, all product safety, testing and certification requirements under applicable Law of Qatar, and all other Law.
B. Sellers should present at any time documentation showing that the Seller is permitted to sell specific brands or Products through the within the State of Qatar, with Testing and Certification.
C. Sellers will maintain adequate processes and procedures for conducting diligence to ensure that Products are authentic, authorized for sale, and not stolen, counterfeit, illegal or misbranded. Upon Marketplace’s request, Seller will promptly provide Xshop Marketplace with:

XX. Complaints & suggestion centre

A. Xshop should not be responsible for any Product related issues, which are sold by any seller.
B. Sellers must solve the genuine customer complaints by themselves, nor Xshop has the right to claim the damage on behalf of the Customer.
C. Suggestions related to technical support can be email to

XXI. Dispute Resolution

A. Xshop will listen to all the disputes and will take initiative to discuss the issue with the seller and Customer to solve the dispute.
B. Xshop has the right to take final

XXII. Termination of Seller Profile.

A. Sellers can terminate or Cancel the Xshop Seller Account anytime, prior informing Xshop.
B. Sellers should take the responsibility of products which are still under warranty / Guarantee / return / replacement even after exiting from Xshop.



“Prohibited Products” means:
a. cigars, cigarettes, or other tobacco products;
b. guns intended to provide lethal force (and related gun parts, kits and ammunition); mace, black powder and other explosives; disguised, undetectable or switchblade knives; martial arts weapons; or BB guns, stun guns, paintball guns, or airsoft guns;
c. any drug, vitamin, herbal product or similar substance which requires a doctor’s or other health care provider’s prescription as a prerequisite for purchase;
e. used, remanufactured, reconditioned or refurbished products;
f. stolen, counterfeit, misbranded or illegal products;
g. products that have been recalled;
Products that violate applicable Law;
1. products that violate or infringe upon any Intellectual Property Right or other third party right;
2. products that contain material that is obscene, pornographic or offensive;
3. products containing viruses, Trojan horse, spyware or malicious code;
4. ‘sex and sensuality’ products;
5. loose gemstone products;
6. any product for which Seller is not an “authorized reseller” (as designated by the product’s , manufacturer or distributor), or does not provide to Customers the manufacturer’s standard warranty therefor;
7. products containing human growth hormone;
8. any age restricted products;
9. baby bottles that are not BPA-free;
10. prepaid access products (whether issued in the form of a card, electronic PIN or other device) that provide access to funds (or the value of funds) that have been paid in advance and can be retrieved in the future, including without limitation, gift cards, prepaid phones, or prepaid minutes;
11. caskets or funeral urns;
12. specific products or brand names that may not be sold on the Xshop Site as are indicated by Xshop Marketplace to Seller separately in writing (which in this case may include email or through any Seller Portal); and
13. any other types of products that in Xshop Marketplace’s discretion are not appropriate for sale on the Xshop Site as indicated by Xshop Marketplace to Seller separately in writing; provided that a Prohibited Product will cease to be a Prohibited Product when Xshop Marketplace informs Seller of such change.



a. Xshop Marketplace is committed to customer service. Sellers participating in the Marketplace Program will endeavor to meet the following service levels:
b. Seller will maintain an On-Time Ship Standard of at least 99%.
c. Sellers will ensure that the correct Product is delivered to the correct Customer at a rate of 99.5% of all Products shipped.
d. Seller will maintain inventory to fulfill Customer Orders that result in a cancel rate (excluding Customer requested cancellations) of 1.5% or less;
e. Returns due to damaged or defective Products shall not exceed 3% of Sales Proceeds for Products sold on the Xshop Site.
f. Seller shall limit emergency updates related to product information through any Seller Portal to a rate no greater than .03% of its entire SKU count in Xshop Marketplace’s catalogue per month; provided however, that Xshop Marketplace makes no guarantee that all requests will be granted. Xshop Marketplace will assess each emergency request on a case by case basis and make updates in situations Xshop Marketplace deems critical.
g. Ninety-day Seller ratings shall, on average, remain above a seller rating of 90% positive.
h. Seller will within one (1) hour of receipt on a 24/7 basis, confirm every Order file received by Xshop Marketplace on the Seller Portal.
i. Seller will, within four (4) hours of receipt on a 24/7 basis, confirm every order line within every Order file received by Xshop Marketplace on the Seller Portal.
j. Seller will provide Xshop Marketplace with electronic notice, on the Seller Portal, confirming shipment of each Product shipped and the corresponding shipment tracking information (if available) within four (4) hours of the Product/Order actually shipping so that Xshop Marketplace may notify the Customer and allow the Customer to track shipment of Products.
k. Seller will send a refund request to Xshop Marketplace through the data feed specified by Xshop Marketplace, and on the Seller Portal, within 24 hours of receiving a Customer refund or adjustment request, unless Seller has refused to accept a Product for return for any reason.
l. Ninety percent (90%) of emails received from Xshop Marketplace shall be answered by Seller within twenty four (24) hours of receipt.

Xshop Marketplace may, at its discretion, work with a Seller to remedy any failure of a service level or performance issue under this Annexure B; provided, however, that no waiver by Xshop Marketplace of any provision of this Annexure B may be deemed or constitute a waiver of any provision of this Agreement, whether or not similar, nor may the waiver constitute a continuing waiver by Xshop Marketplace unless otherwise expressly so provided in writing. The failure of Xshop Marketplace to require at any time performance by Seller of any of the provisions herein, may in no way be construed to be a present or future waiver of provisions or in any way affect the ability of Xshop Marketplace to enforce each and every provision after such event.

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